The best hair dryers

Since Alexandre-Ferdinand Godefroy invented the first hair dryer in 1880,...

The best hair dryers

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Since Alexandre-Ferdinand Godefroy invented the first hair dryer in 1880, what is now a small household appliance has become a must-have in every home, as demonstrated by the winning model in this comparison, the Parlux 385 Ionic & Ceramic.

Our favorite: Parlux 385 Ionic & Ceramic

Parlux is a hairdryer brand specialized in hairdressing products. Since it made the leap to the general public, it has been improving the aesthetics and weight of its products to make them more attractive to the non-professional consumer.

The Parlux 385 Ionic & Ceramic dryer is the one with the least power of the ones we tested, but you can’t tell. The brand itself talks about this model having “the new K-LAMINATION motor manufactured by Ciaramella, which is more durable and efficient”. That is the reason why it achieves the same feeling of power as its direct competitors with much less watts.

Its most striking feature is its weight. It is the lightest hairdryer in its class at only 452 grams, which is very welcome when drying long hair. It also has a cold air button to set the styling and an Ion & Ceramic device to prevent frizz.

As extras, it has a three-meter cord, is very quiet – it has a built-in silencer – and is also “eco-friendly”: both the dryer and its packaging are made from recyclable materials.

It is also ionic and comes with two drying and marking nozzles as accessories. Extras: Very light.

The main drawback of this dryer is its high price, which does not allow it to compete on equal terms. But anyone who has had a hairdryer of this brand before will not hesitate to repeat despite the price. It is also perfect for professionals.

The wide range of colors to choose from: black, white, gold, silver, silver, gray, lilac, orange, blue, pink, turquoise and green.

On the negative side are the many counterfeits on the market, helped by the high price of our favorite hairdryer.

Affordable and good: Remington AC2015

The Remington AC2015 dryer achieves a great drying speed thanks to its 1875W power.

Although the power is the same as most of its competitors, the Remington brand is one of the few we see in salons, perhaps because of its 40% faster airflow than the rest of its competitors and the motor life of up to three times longer duration.

This model also has an ionic ceramic grid, which allows a more uniform heat distribution and a constant temperature, thus avoiding frizz and leaving hair softer and shinier. The temperature can even be adjusted in three different ways.

Unlike other dryers with ceramic technology, the Remintong incorporates a technology of crushed pearls in the ceramic, which are activated by the hot air and seal the hair cuticles, taking care of the nutrition and health of the hair.

In addition, if combined with the cold air blast, it maintains the hairstyle for longer, and you can even opt for the lower of its two speeds so as not to spoil the finish.

As accessories it has a volume diffuser for curls and waves, or a nozzle for straighter finishes. And its removable rear grille is an extra to take into account above all, because it prevents the so tedious hair jams and its consequent smell of burning.

Its price, just over $20, makes it a favorite. Because it really offers a lot of features for very little money.

It should be noted, however, that some users report overheating, and others complain that the life span of this appliance is short.

Cheapest, small and powerful: Revlon Essentials

These are the three features that experts highlight the most about this two-speed hair dryer with a power of 1,875W.

With its hanging hook, this handy little appliance is one of the most convenient on the market, as it allows you to leave it hanging with a simple gesture while waiting for a new use without having to store it in a drawer.

If something could be improved is the cable, as some users consider that it is a little short, something that may be in the background when checking its features and price.

With a cool air button and two speeds it achieves a perfect blow dry in a short time for all those who need to use one on a daily basis.


Nearly 60 years have passed since the first version of the hairdresser’s invention by a French inventor based in the USA, a helmet for exclusive use in hairdressing salons and which took hours to achieve its results, until the first cheap domestic hair dryers were marketed.

And despite the time that has passed, these first hairdryers from the 1940s remained faithful to their origin and consisted of a plate lamp that surrounded the head and dried the hair very slowly.

It was not until the 1960s that manual hair dryers appeared that were more similar to what we have today, and even then they were still light years away from the hair dryer that, with its extraordinary technical characteristics, has become the woman of choice in this comparison.

Since that distant 1880, the evolution of hair dryers has always been in the direction of shortening the time needed to dry hair and reducing the weight of the appliance to make it more manageable. The user has always been looking for more power and less weight.

These factors, weight and power, are two of the key factors taken into account in this analysis. Based on the opinions of experts, technical characteristics and the experience of the users, the comparative analysis is based on the five most popular models on the market, analyzing everything from their effective power to how they act against frizz.

The best dryer among those analyzed is the Parlux 385 Ionic & Ceramic. Although at first it seems that its high price puts it out of the competition, in reality it is the fact that many counterfeits are sold on the market that generates the most doubts.

Its technical characteristics, great power and light weight, together with the reliability of the brand and the good opinions of its users have led it to the first place in the ranking.

As a second option we recommend the hairdryer Remington AC2015. Affordable and with good performance.

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