Best Shoes for Walking and Standing on Concrete

Many, many of our jobs today require us to spend long hours walking and standing on concrete. This mere fact is the source of foot pain, knee and joint pain, and even lower back pain. Luckily, we’ve found the best shoes for walking on concrete.

Best Shoes for Walking and Standing on Concrete

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Our picks include the New Balance 626 V2, which we consider the best overall. The runner-up is the Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer and we also chose the Clarks Women’s Hope Roxanne Loafer as the most affordable option.

Best Overall

New Balance 626 V2
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07/26/2022 12:42 am GMT

With rubber, skid-proof soles, excellent internal cushioning, and generally solid construction, the New Balance V2 are a highly durable pick for those who will spend many hours on their feet. Our choice for best shoes for walking on concrete, the V2 industrial shoes have the balanced, sporty silhouette that New Balance is known for and are also highly comfortable for all-day wear.

As an industrial shoe, the V2 is designed for long hours spent on unforgiving services, and user reviews have come out exceptionally favorably towards the V2. One customer claimed they were simply irreplaceable, while another claimed he felt like Superman when he wore them and completely immune to pain.

Beyond questions of ergonomics, the V2s are simply attractive and reasonably priced. The V2s come in a lovely gray or dark black color and are made of 100 percent leather. As far as pricing goes, these unbelievable shoes sell for less than $100 unless you have specialty sizing requirements. If you want the best shoes for walking on concrete, these shoes are considered the best of the best.

Runner Up

Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer
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07/27/2022 01:15 am GMT

The Rockport Loafer makes it all the way to runner-up. Certainly one of the best shoes for walking on concrete, the Rockport loafer is high-quality comfort with the added utility of a slip-on design. Though the outside of these loafers is genuine leather, there’s a breathable lining that keeps your feet comfortable in most climates.

With high-tech shock absorption technology, the rubber sole takes all the shock when using shoes for standing on concrete, so your feet, legs, knees, and back don’t have to. Customers love this shoe for its durability. One reviewer has used this shoe as his “shoe to see the world with” and has taken it on work trips from Hong Kong to the Ivory Coast. Another simply uses it as his house shoe in a particularly unforgiving carpet-over-concrete basement.

The reason we’ve chosen the Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer as our runner up for best shoes for walking on concrete is simple. If you don’t like the sporty feel of the New Balance V2 or want an easier-to-take on and off kind of shoe, you won’t find a shoe as comfortable and as effective and durable as the Rockport loafer. At around 60 dollars, this loafer is also slightly more affordable than the V2.

Most Affordable Choice

Clarks Women’s Hope Roxanne Loafer
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07/26/2022 01:07 am GMT

Don’t expect our most affordable choice to be a lightweight, unless you mean in actual weight. Though the Clarks Loafer doesn’t have some of the high-tech benefits regarding durability as our top two picks on this list, this ultra-lightweight loafer is exceptionally comfortable and quite effective as one of the best shoes for walking on concrete.

Customers love this shoe for its classy look. Many also claim that this shoe is ready to go comfortably off the shelf: no break-in time is needed. Customers also love these loafers because they’re extremely forgiving to feet of all shapes and sizes, coddling even the strangest-toed pedestrian with sweet, sweet comfort.

Finally, the best of all: as our most affordable choice, this astounding loafer will cost you less than 40 dollars. In addition, if you order these shoes from Amazon, you will be allowed a seven-day free try on period in which you can test the shoes’ mettle for yourself. These are excellent shoes for walking on concrete, and it’s amazing that you’ll get to try this out for yourself before putting money down.

Things to Consider

Now, reading this list, you may be hard-pressed to decide which of our best shoes for walking on concrete you’d like to buy. Indeed, in the market beyond, the choices are potentially endless. Here are some things to consider before you purchase your new pair of comfort shoes.


What will you be using the shoe for? If you’re going to be at work in more active places, you’ll likely want to consider a more active shoe, like the New Balance V2. If you’re like some people and will be using these shoes for travel, traversing the seemingly endless airport walkways as you pass from gate to gate, you may want a shoe that’s easier to slip on, like the Rockport Loafers.

The Source of Your Discomfort

For many, the best shoes for walking on concrete will fix the pain they feel as they go about their daily routines. Others, however, won’t benefit from shoes alone. You may consider purchasing inserts for added comfort and protection. Finally, it is a fact that body type has something to do with comfort walking and standing on concrete. For heavier-set bodies, a change of shoes alone may not cure all ailments.


Remember, concrete is not a forgiving surface. If you want good shoes for standing on concrete or walking on it, they need to have a high durability level. All of the shoes we’ve chosen on this list are known to last a good long while, but be sure if you do your research you consider this vital aspect.


Not all shoes are created alike, whether it is in terms of comfort or budget. If your need is high or your pain is great, it may be worth it to shell out a little extra cash to assure that your pain will be alleviated. For some, however, it doesn’t make sense to spend potentially double the price for what they perceive to be a marginally improved walking experience.

We hope we helped you narrow down some of the incredible variety of shoes for standing on concrete. Stay safe, and stay comfy.

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