The best toolbox

Having a complete toolbox is essential for any DIY job. They are truly practical because they include a multitude of tools and, at the same time, facilitate storage in an orderly manner.

The best toolbox

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Hammer, wrenches of various types, screwdrivers, drill bits, pliers or a level is the basic material with which to perform any repair at home.

But for plumbing work or car repairs, you will need a more complete model that includes other types of tools such as socket wrenches or ratchets.

That’s why in this comparison you will find basic cases and others with almost 800 pieces.

We have selected the five best models based on ease of use, strength and number of accessories. And, among all of them, the favorite for home use is the Crescent General Purpose Tool Set: a foldable tool box divided into three practical compartments to keep a total of 170 tools for everyday use at home, in the workshop or even some industrial applications at hand in an orderly fashion.

Considerations before buying

Before you go for one of the five proposed toolboxes, it is worth considering some aspects that will help you decide on one model or another:

  • Portability. A basic toolbox can weigh 5 kilos, but the larger ones weigh more than 10 kilos. So the first thing you need to consider is where you are going to store it. The second question to consider is whether you intend to transport it from one place to another. And if so, opt for a model with trolley type wheels because they facilitate the displacement. But be careful when lifting them off the floor because they may be compact, but they are sure to have a significant weight and your back may suffer.
  • Storage. Complete tool boxes are designed to keep everything in perfect order. Normally everything has its place, and some even offer a space to store the tools that we already had at home scattered in different places. It is very important in a toolbox that the search for any tool is intuitive. That is why they are usually divided into trays or drawers where they are separated into different groups according to use.
  • Quantity and quality. Be functional and do not choose the model with more pieces if you are not really going to use them. It is more important to evaluate the quality of the materials they are made of, so that they are durable and resistant.

Now that we know what the main qualities of a toolbox are, it is time to look at the specifications of each of the five studied and choose the one that will give us the best service and the most benefit.

In terms of price, there are models ranging from 50 to 70 dollars and other more complete and professional ones from 95 to 105 dollars.

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