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Best Trimmer & Shaver for Balls, Safe & Comfortable

We’ve compiled a list of the best trimmer for balls based on water resistance, blade comfort, and battery life.

After examining verified customer reviews and conducting intensive research, we’ve determined the overall top product to be the Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer. Another suitable alternative is the Philips Norelco BG7030, and our most affordable pick is the Philips Norelco One Blade Hybrid. Keep reading to find out which one is perfect for you.

Best Overall

Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Replaceable Ceramic Blade Heads, Waterproof Wet / Dry Clippers, Standing Recharge Dock, Ultimate Male Hygiene Razor.

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01/04/2022 02:09 am GMT

The Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer is the absolute best trimmer for balls on the market today. It’s made with utility and comfort in mind, obviously designed with your balls’ comfort as the manufacturer’s main priority. The ceramic blades ensure you won’t get any cuts or nicks as you touch up your sensitive areas, and the 90-minute battery life allows you to take as much time as you need to get those hard-to-reach spots.

Another standout feature of the Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer is that it is completely waterproof. It can withstand submersion up to one meter for around 30 minutes, an impressive feat for any piece of electronics. That means you can use it in the shower if you’d like, making it much more convenient than any other trimmer for balls. This is one of the main reasons we’ve named it the best product overall.

When using it in the shower, you might worry that this pubic hair trimmer for men will slip from your hands, a common occurrence with many devices meant to be used when wet. However, the Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer solves this issue with an ergonomic rubber grip, allowing you to make as many passes as you need to. According to one happy customer, you won’t need to make multiple passes during your grooming to get a clean shave. For just around $70, who could complain?

Runner Up

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Showerproof Dual-sided Body Trimmer and Shaver for Men.

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01/04/2022 02:15 am GMT

The Philips Norelco BG7030 is a worthy runner-up to our best product overall, the Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer. The two products share similar special features, like waterproofing up to one meter of depth, fast-charging capability, and long-lasting battery life. While not quite as good as our best overall product, the Philips Norelco BG7030’s battery life lasts around 80 minutes off of a single charge, significantly more than most other similar products on the market.

One major difference that makes this trimmer for balls a worthy alternative is the 3D contour head. It can easily glide into those hard-to-reach, awkward areas that are especially difficult to shave. However, the steel blades make this one a little bit more likely to give you a small knick occasionally, which is why we didn’t name it our best product overall. Also, the rubber grip is nice but isn’t as comprehensive as the Masncaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer.

Another notable feature of this pubic hair trimmer is the innovative mesh-like shaver head. It excels at preventing pulled or ingrown hairs, making your shaving experience as comfortable as possible. One satisfied customer put it best when he stated that anyone who wants to be less hairy should use this trimmer for balls. For just under $70 as well, the promise of less unwanted body hair is pretty appealing, no matter how hairy you might be.

The Most Affordable

Philips Norelco One Blade Hybrid

Electric Trimmer and Shaver.

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01/04/2022 02:22 am GMT

If you’re interested in a quality pubic hair trimmer but don’t want to spend nearly $70 on our best product overall or its runner-up, then the Philips Norelco One Blade Hybrid might be for you. At just under $40, its quality and numerous features make it the best affordable option that we’ve come across. It gives a comfortable and close shave using replaceable steel blades, with an adjustable shave length that makes it perfect for trimming your balls.

While it’s a quality product, some noteworthy drawbacks affect its overall performance, especially when compared to our top two products. This trimmer for balls has a decent run time of 45 minutes when fully charged, plenty for even the longest grooming routine. However, it takes up to eight hours to completely charge, meaning you’ll have to plug it in soon after you’re done using it to get it working the next day properly.

Another notable feature is the contour head that positions the blade at the correct angle, something many other competing products lack. For such a low price, it’s an impressive feature to have. What you can expect for this price is an impressive maximum comfort, like no razor that you’ve ever used before. If you don’t want to spend too much on a top-market razor that you haven’t tried before, then the Philips Norelco One Blade Hybrid is a great stepping stone into the trimmer for balls arena.

Things to Consider

There are three main things that you need to consider when thinking about which pubic hair trimmer for men you should buy: battery life, blade comfort, and waterproofing. Battery life is extremely important because if the trimmer runs out of juice mid-shave, you might be left with an especially weird-looking pubic hair pattern. It likely doesn’t need mentioning, but your partner probably won’t appreciate a half-shave too much. Look for fast charging capability along with a lengthy battery run time to find the best shaver possible.

Blade comfort is another important factor. If the blades rust easily or aren’t designed well, your balls could be left with cuts and nicks that might make you stop shaving them altogether. The best trimmer for balls will have ceramic blades, completely resistant to rust and sharp, while not being so fine that they can cut your skin. Also, most ceramic blades are self-sharpening and won’t ever need replacing, so you don’t have to think about that cost in the long run.

Most men like to shave their sensitive areas in the shower so no no uncomfortably and itchy loose hairs get caught in the groin region. In this regard, waterproofing is essential. The best pubic hair trimmer for men will be waterproofed rather than water-resistant, meaning you can completely submerge it in water, and it will still operate normally. While you might have to wait for it to dry to charge it up, the convenience that waterproofing provides is unparalleled in the shaving game.

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