Best Vaccination Card Holders

After staying for a year at home, many of us want to have a break and go explore other places. Nature, bustling cities, concerts, anywhere but home. To do that we may need to become fully immunized to enter some countries or venues, and we'll need to keep our vaccine card safe and sound. If you're looking to travel or attend events this summer, you'll be needing a vaccination card holder.

Best Vaccination Card Holders

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Who knows which vaccine passports will be required and where, but what we do know is that you need to keep your vaccination card and passport with you at all times if you want to travel.

We don’t recommend laminating your vaccination card, as you might need to get updates such as booster shots, additional markings, an extra dose, or other records. Make a copy, keep the original at home and travel with the duplicate, and take a photo with your phone of the front and back.

These vaccination cards are not designed to fit in your wallet or card holder, they are slightly too large (the standard vaccination cards from the CDC are 3-by-4-inch). And as far as we know they might be physically requested at airports, hotels, concerts, or other high-traffic venues.

So, to keep your card safe you need a special case. We made a list with plenty options that fit both your passport and vaccination card, from fashionable colorful ones, to leather card holders, to clear plastic covers, and more.

Timberland Wallet Crossbody Purse

This small crossbody bag includes 4 credit card slots, interior zipper change pocket, 1 large slip pocket, and an interior smart phone pocket.

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CDC Vaccination Card Protector

4 X 3in clear waterproof vaccine cardholder with a zip.

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Leather Vaccination Cardholder

Leather vaccination card holder for 3" x 4" cards. Second pocket for other documents, such as your passport.

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Plastic Sleeve Vaccine Card Protector

Double-sided clear plastic sleeve for your Covid-19 vaccination card.

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01/04/2022 02:04 am GMT
Ciao Passport Holder

This cute passport holder is also perfect for storing your vaccination card.

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Keep your documents 100% safe
Waterproof & Fireproof Pouch with Zipper

A waterproof and fireproof document bag that is made of high quality non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass, and withstands temperatures up to 1832ºF (1000ºC).

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07/26/2022 12:42 am GMT

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