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26 Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

What to give the man who has everything? This no-fail list will help you pick out a great Father’s Day gift for grandpa.

26 Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

This beautiful chess set is completely handmade out of Tunisian olive wood. With an option to engrave, this personalized Father’s Day gift is perfect for the grandpas that want to practice their Sicilian Defense.

It doesn’t get more comfortable than these, every family patriarch deserves to have warm and cozy slippers.

Owl Eyeglasses Holder

This night owl stays perched beside your bed and keeps your glasses in reach when it's time to turn in.

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This friendly night owl keeps his glasses in place when he decides to hit the hay.

Give grandpa the gift of a good night’s rest. Thousands of reviewers (us included) are raving about this clock, which features cheerful sunrise and calming sunset light settings, customizable sleep music, and alarm features.

Named one of the best books of the year by The Washington Post, this #1 New York Times Bestseller is “an intimate and revealing portrait of civil rights icon and longtime U.S. congressman John Lewis, linking his life to the painful quest for justice in America from the 1950s to the present–from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Soul of America.”

Yard Dice

Let the good times roll with this jumbo set of dice that will go over big with family and friends.

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Perfect for backyard BBQs, these jumbo wooden dice are great to play with the grandkids. A Father’s Day gift for grandpa the whole family can enjoy.

Choose Your Dog Breed Socks

Pay tribute to your favorite pedigree with these cozy socks.

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Even if he doesn’t have a chihuahua, you should probably buy your grandpa these socks.

This beautiful book is “a breathtaking collection of photos documenting his journey on the International Space Station, the vastness of space, and the unparalleled beauty of our own home planet.” If grandpa loves to look out at the night sky, he’ll appreciate this book.

Greatest Gifts Grandparent Tray

Grandparent and grandchild names are the final touches needed for this lovely illustrated serving piece.

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This personalized grandparent’s tray lets them know that they’re never far from their loved one’s hearts. With room for names of up to 10 grandchildren and the option to customize grandma and grandpa’s special monikers.

Newentor Weather Station Wireless

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Atomic Clock, Forecast Station with Calendar, and Adjustable Backlight.

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This weather station displays indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, time and date, alarm clock, weather forecast, moon phases, and barometric pressure. You already know that your grandpa is going to love this Father’s Day gift. If he doesn’t have one already.

23andMe Ancestry + Traits

Discover what your DNA has to say about your well-being and how it can influence certain lifestyle choices.

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07/18/2022 12:37 am GMT

A thoughtful and fun Father’s Day gift for your grandpa, this kit will help him discover his roots and learn about his heritage. This DNA kit can be done from home and mailed straight to the lab, no contact necessary. We tried this kit and loved how details the genetic and health reports were, it was also fun to explore our roots and share with our family and friends. We even discovered DNA relatives across the world!

This #1 New York Times Bestseller is a gripping selection of essays that “tackles a daunting array of issues, endeavoring to answer a persistent question: ‘What is happening in the world today, and what is the deep meaning of these events?” A great gift for readers who want to join the global conversation of solving today’s more pressing issues, and for those who are always hungry for a fresh perspective.

Up grandpa’s cool factor with a pair of timeless Ray-Bans.

This handmade rain gauge is a nice detail in the garden, and a great Father’s Day gift for the grandpa who has everything.

Quility Weighted Blanket for Adults

Queen Size, 60"x80", 15 lbs - Heavy Heating Blankets for Restlessness.

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For the grandpa that likes to take naps in his chair, weighted blankets help add relaxation and temperature control for better sleep. These blankets are proven to reduce tossing and turning and help reduce restlessness.

If he loves to garden, or would like some inspiration on where to start, this definitive book on gardening will be a great addition to his library. Written by a gardener with over 30-years of experience, “this updated, easy-to-use reference explains everything you need to know to start seeds and raise healthy seedlings successfully.”

Tile Essentials 4-pack Bluetooth Tracker

Item locators for keys, wallets, remotes and more.

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Does he lose track of his keys, wallet, or remote? This Bluetooth tracker solves that problem, helping him find all of his essential items. Whether they are nearby or far away, he can use the user-friendly and simple app to find them. All he has to do is attach the small device to whatever it is that’s always getting lost. A great gift for the grandpa that needs a little organization.

For the grandpa that likes to keep his living room cozy, this outdoor or indoor iron rack will make it easier to stack and access wood.

Cross Century II Rollerball Pen

With 23KT Gold-Plated Appointments.

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For the grandpa the loves to write, this would be a gift he will surely appreciate. We love Cross pens, not only for their classic aesthetic, but they simply are a joy to use, feel great in your hand, and they’re a more sustainable option. Why go through hundreds of plastic pens when you can use one that you really love? Also, grandpa might like to know, this is the pen U.S. presidents use.

Isn’t it grandparenting 101 to automatically have one of these? For the newly minted grandpas out there, this is a must for cheering on the little ones from the sidelines.

In this book, “an award-winning science writer tours the globe to reveal what makes birds capable of such extraordinary feats of mental prowess.” If he’s a nature enthusiast, or suspect he might like bird watching, put this book on grandpa’s radar.

Opt for a thoughtful touch with this personalized, handmade hammer for grandpa. Extra sweet if it’s a Father’s Day gift from one of his grandkids.

Pique his curiosity with a subscription to National Geographic, which “chronicles exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth.”

Guitar Glasses - Set of 4

These pint glasses sport iconic, graphic guitars from different eras and genres of music.

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Music lovers will appreciate these pint glasses, each depicting a guitar from a different era and genre of music.

Apple iPad

10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB, 8th Generation.

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He can watch his favorite shows and make video calls on the go or from the comfort of his favorite chair.

If he loves BBQ, this cookbook by a Texas chef will give him lots of inspiration. A New York Times Bestseller, this book is “a complete meat and brisket-cooking education from the country’s most celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue.”

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