How to Get Rid of Fleas

Many pet owners know the headaches that come with getting rid of fleas in the house. But it’s not only households with dogs and cats that need to deal with these near-invisible parasites. If you’re waking up with itchy skin or your furry friends are struggling to escape from a flea infestation, we have some remedies that can help.

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The Benefits of Getting Rid of Fleas

The good news is, fleas don’t regularly bite humans. Nevertheless, one major reason to get rid of fleas on humans is to prevent flea-borne diseases (also very rare).

If you get rid of fleas on cats and dogs, you’re also improving their quality of life and cutting off fleas that travel indoors and live in furniture and carpeting. Since fleas breed rapidly, the benefits of getting rid of fleas all come down to creating a barrier to the outside so that your indoor spaces are safe, comfortable, and parasite-free.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Fleas?

Unlike ant infestations, where you can see ants moving in and out of the house, targeting flea populations is not a visual process. Instead, you have to outsmart them with one of the following strategies to get rid of fleas in the house.

Vacuum Furniture

This one seems simple enough, but it’s worth repeating that furniture is the main breeding ground of fleas. Vacuum and wash couches and your pet’s blankets before applying flea sprays and you’ll cut down on a majority of their populations.

Dish Soap

If you want to get rid of fleas naturally, dish soap is a cheap solution. Just fill a small bowl with a soapy water mixture and leave it in the rooms with the highest density of fleas. For best results, perform this step at night as fleas are nocturnal.

Diatomaceous Earth

This miracle substance is a powdered form of fossilized algae which is non-toxic to humans but lethal for fleas. To apply the powder in the best way, sprinkle it in layers around the areas of the home with the most flea trouble. After three days, vacuum it up and reapply if necessary.

This is a great way to spread out a pesticide and a solid idea for how to get rid of fleas in carpet.

NOTE: Make sure to use food-grade diatomaceous earth if you live with young ones who may be curious about the sprinkles on the floor and window sills.

What Are the Best Products to Use?

Besides the solutions above, there are several products that we’ve found effective to get rid of fleas on dogs, cats, and in the home.

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Advanced Strength Dog Shampoo

Since your pets are likely the main vector of fleas in the home, you’ll want to treat the problem at the source. Vet’s Best uses natural oils like rosemary to kill fleas through all stages of development. It costs between $12- $15 for a 12oz bottle. Reviewers like its low-fragrance properties and plant-based ingredients that are safe for dogs as young as 12 weeks.

Victor Flea Trap

Indoor flea traps are also a popular way to attract and kill fleas without using harmful chemicals. Victor has been producing an industry-leading flea trap for decades for between $17-$23 per unit. The reviews agree that the pet and human-friendly heat-based Victor trap works well because you can station it near your pets. People also liked how easy installation was–just turn on the included heat bulb and replace the sticky tape every 4 months.

Advantage Yard and Premise Spray

If you find that flea populations aren’t dropping with natural solutions, it might be time to turn to chemical insecticides. Advantage has a good all-in-one yard spray. It includes a component that kills adult fleas, eggs, and larvae. This particular spray costs in the range of $20-$25 for a 32oz bottle. Reviewers appreciate how easily it attaches to a garden hose to cover up to 16,000 sq ft with one bottle. Plus, it is also effective for killing many varieties of ticks.

Preventing Fleas From Entering the Home

Targeting fleas before they come into your home is essential to maintaining a hygienic living space for friends and families. Usually, our dogs and cats are the culprits, but it’s our front yards that conceal fleas. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent fleas from entering the home.

  • Keep your grass cut regularly through the spring and summer
  • Vacuum your home weekly with fresh vacuum bags
  • Give your pets baths often
  • Use carpet flea sprays to get rid of larvae and pupae
  • Spray your yard with a plant-based flea spray to keep flea populations down

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