How to Clean Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the more popular metals you will find in your home and outdoors. It is durable and lightweight but can appear dull over time. If you clean your aluminum items regularly with the proper cleaners, you can keep them looking beautiful and will be able to withstand continuous use.

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The Benefits of Cleaning Aluminum

If you own any aluminum in your home or yard, you will want to keep it looking clean and vibrant rather than dull or dingy. Although aluminum won’t rust like iron or other metals, it can corrode in its own way if it is not taken care of with proper cleaning and maintenance.

The Best Way to Clean Aluminum

Whether you need to clean aluminum pans or your house siding, you can restore their luster without spending a lot of time or money. The best way to clean aluminum will depend on what you need to clean. The process you use to clean aluminum wheels will differ from the way you clean your aluminum sink.

One of the easiest ways to clean aluminum wheels is with a DIY mixture with equal parts of water and vinegar. You can use a soft cloth to wipe the solution over the surface to restore its sheen. If you want to purchase a product to clean aluminum rims, there are several terrific options available that can make the job simple.

To clean oxidized aluminum pots and pans in your home, you can use other simple natural methods. Slice a lemon in half and dip the cut side into a dish of salt. Use the lemon and salt to scrub the surface of your pot to restore its brightness. The lemon juice is acidic and helps clean aluminum pans, while the salt acts as a gentle abrasive cleaner.

Using a water and vinegar mixture or lemon with salt is a more natural way to clean your aluminum items at home that you use to cook food with every day. Some people are hesitant to use store-bought cleaners and chemical products on their cooking utensils and dishes. These natural methods are the perfect solution to clean aluminum oxidation.

The Best Products to Use for Cleaning Aluminum

Several natural products can effectively clean aluminum. Although you can choose items right in your kitchen, many will purchase a cleaner from the store. These types of products are ideal when you clean aluminum siding or other large-scale objects.

These products are affordable and can help keep the aluminum items in your home and yard looking fresh and clean, even after years of use. While store-bought products make it easy to keep your aluminum looking great, you can achieve the same results using several natural household items and save yourself some money.

Some of the more popular cleaning products for aluminum include:


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