How to Clean Silver

Have you blackened your bracelet, earrings, silver chain or that tray you were given as a gift? We can help you clean silver so that it recovers its original color.

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If we do not do a good maintenance, silver, over time, blackens. But why does this happen? Because it is sulfurated. Silver, like other noble metals such as gold or platinum, reacts with time.

It does not oxidize, but it does react with sulfur, which is found in the air in the form of hydrogen sulfide. And that is why it turns black.

It is also due to contact with chemicals that we wear, such as jewelry. Avoid applying lotions, perfumes or creams with silver jewelry already in place.

In the case of rings, necklaces or bracelets, the best option is to apply these products before and let them dry well, remember that the compounds and oils can damage or make the silver lose its shine faster.

Another element that can spoil, for example, a silver tray or fountain, is to expose it to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. This is often the case with overripe or overripe fruit.

But, don’t worry, because there are many home remedies to make your silver jewelry and objects look like the first day.

Best products to clean silver at home

Baking soda and white vinegar

In a deep bowl, pour a quarter cup of white vinegar (about 60 ml) of wine or apple cider vinegar and dissolve, little by little, a tablespoon of baking soda (about 10 g). Then, immerse the objects and let it act. With a clean cloth, dry them and polish them.

White vinegar

With a cloth dipped in white vinegar, rub the blackened surface until it regains its original color. If the object is small, such as earrings or chains, you can use a brush.

And if it is very dirty, we can also dip the silver objects previously in vinegar for about 20 minutes and then proceed to clean them with the damp cloth.

Aluminum foil and salt or baking soda

Line a container with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water and salt or baking soda and immerse the silver pieces you want to clean for 10 minutes.

The chemical reaction of the salt with the aluminum foil will get rid of the silver sulfide stains, as the aluminum attracts the sulfur. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth and polish to bring out the shine.

Dishwashing soap, salt and vinegar

Mix hot water, coarse salt, a tablespoon of vinegar and dishwashing liquid in a bowl and soak your jewelry and small silver objects and let it work. Then rinse and dry with a clean cloth.


On a cloth, spread a little toothpaste, rub the object and leave for a few minutes. Then wash with soap and water to remove any remaining toothpaste and dry with a clean cloth.

Avoid all toothpastes that contain additives such as whiteners, mint particles or baking soda, i.e. you can see the lumps, which can scratch the piece.

Specific metal cleaner

You can buy it in any store and it can be general metal cleaner or specific for silver. Normally, it is used by applying a little of the product on a dry cloth or brush, rubbing the surface of the silver object until the dark patina is removed from the surface.

However, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions, which will specify the most appropriate method of use.

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