How to Separate Laundry

Learn how to separate the clothes before each wash so that they are impeccable. Discover the best tips and tricks.

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After putting on a washing machine, have you ever had any unexpected surprises? Perhaps a garment has shrunk, or the colors have mixed, or the clothes have become wrinkled.

To avoid unexpected surprises, there are two things you should always keep in mind:

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the garment label.
  2. Separate the clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

What relevant information will you find on the garment labels?

  • Washing cycles.
  • Possibility of ironing and/or tumble drying.
  • Washing temperature.
  • Fabrics of the garment.

How to sort garments before washing

  • Separate clothes before washing according to the degree of soiling. Normally, cloths, rags, socks and delicate underwear tend to get dirtier. If they have stubborn stains, use a stain remover or a specific detergent indicated for pre-washing.
  • Sort the garments according to the composition of the fabric. To be sure, read the label. Once you have identified the garments, choose the most suitable program for washing: synthetic garments, delicate garments, cotton and mixed garments…
  • Separate them by color. Very important! If you don’t want your garments to be spoiled by absorbing the colors of others, separate them into dark garments: blacks, blues, grays; and light colors: pastel shades, beige, ecru…
  • If they are new garments that have not been previously washed, wash them at a maximum of 30º to prevent them from fading.
  • It is advisable to wash white clothes only with clothes of this color, not even with other light colors. In this case it is advisable to choose washing programs of 40-60º, but do not forget to consult the label beforehand. You can include a washing additive to enhance the white, it will look as if you are washing your clothes for the first time every time.
  • What about the rest of the colors? It will also be necessary to separate them by color intensity. And, when it comes to garments with prints, checks or stripes, it is better to wash them with the colored garments.
    Pay special attention to delicate garments. It is advisable to turn them inside out or use cloth bags when washing them.

Finally, do not forget to empty the pockets and to turn over garments with zippers and buttons to prevent the fabrics from being damaged.

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