How to Wash Blankets

The cold weather is gone and it's time to put away all your winter clothes, but first, it's best to keep everything clean. Find out how to wash blankets in the washing machine.

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Although we use less and less of these type of textiles, since the comforters have been replacing the blankets little by little in our homes, in the living room this type of garments still have prominence and, in addition, increasingly, are part of the decorative elements of our home.

Whether they are fur, wool, synthetic or polar, here are the best ways to wash the blankets and keep them as new.

Using the Washing Machine

If the blanket can be washed in the washing machine, you should always choose the washing program for delicate garments. Normally wool and polar blankets can be machine washed. As long as the size fits, there is no problem.

Choose a program for delicate garments with cold water or maximum 80 degrees F. And that spins very little. As for the detergent, you can use machine detergent for delicate garments and do not add softener to avoid caking.

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The first thing we have to consider when washing the blankets is to check the manufacturer’s label where the washing instructions are, but we also have to look at:


The material in which the blanket is made, since, depending on the fabric we would do a type of washing or another. For example, the wool and polar blankets, we can put them in the washing machine, however, the fur ones, must be washed by hand.

And when it comes to drying them, although it is important that all of them are air-dried, polar blankets can be put in the dryer, as long as it is at low revolutions.

Blanket Size

The size of the blanket is important, since depending on the load of our washing machine we will be able to wash it at home or we will need to go to a cleaner.

Washing by Hand

If, on the other hand, the label indicates that the blanket must be washed by hand, normally the fur blankets, you can use the bathtub at home to do it, since its size will be more comfortable.

To do so, fill the bathtub with cold water and add a dose of liquid detergent for hand-washing delicate garments.

The ideal is to let it soak for 15 to 30 minutes, stirring the water from time to time and shaking the blanket so that the soap acts.

If the blanket has a stain, you can apply soap directly to that area and rub until it is removed.

To rinse it several times with cold water, changing the water until the soap stops coming out. Then let it drain, but without twisting it and take it out to hang to be aired out.

How to dry the blankets

The blankets should be dried in the air. Place it in half on the clothesline so that it does not touch the ground, if necessary, you can fold it in half and leave it until it is completely dry.

In addition to washing them, the blankets should be aired out and exposed to the sun at least once a week to eliminate dust mites and dust that may accumulate.

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